Minggu, 24 Mei 2009

My Life Is A Comedy

remember when you was a kid
kick the ball and slips
you can expect the tears
but actually, you kept your ears to hear
you shout
you wonder

one smile that i give
wide lip without a measure
when you think your life full of treasure

treasure inside the drama
theatrical mind of pain and love cinema
sometimes, i hardly to move on
even the darling give me the mode on

now, i stand in the center of stage
whisper that all this pain waste my age
we need it
trying to joke and says some bullshit
because your life
isn't breaking the ice on your eyes

gratefull... my life is a comedy !!!!
(ada kata-kata yang hilang, padahal udah dirancang di dalam otak...ada banyak nih tentang my life is a comedy.. keluarin yang satu dulu aja ah)

dimas. 24 mei 2009

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